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PlantationRestoration Expert Plantation, FL 954-613-6012Small leaks often go unnoticed, or worse, ignored. It is common for people to dismiss leaks like an unnecessary annoyance without knowing that it is fully capable of incurring unspeakable damage. However, have you noticed how your water bills seem to have shot up instantly or the air in your home seems musty? You may ignore these warning signs all you want, but they are indicating a much serious problem.

Water leaks are not pesky; they are a ticking time bomb. You may think they are harmless, but they are not. As you go on ignoring their existence, they silently work in the background and slowly damage everything they touch. The metal corrosion, mold formation, damp walls and ceilings, increased water bills etc. are all byproducts of an undetected leak. This is the reason it is important to fix them as soon as you spot them.

However, it is not as simple as it seems. While visible leaks are easier to work with, there are also hidden ones that do not come to surface until some serious damage is done. If you notice telltale signs like respiratory problems or the sound of running water, don't overlook them. Call professionals like PlantationRestoration Expert. We are a well known water leaks detection service in Plantation, FL area. We operate 24/7 which means you can call us anytime at 954-613-6012 and help will always be available.

Where’s the leak?

It is possible that you cannot see the leak, but still it seems like something is off. The biggest sign is water bills that have skyrocketed inexplicably over the last few weeks. We often falsely believe that a leak is behind the damp spot we see on our walls. However, if you take matters into your own hands, you will end up doing more damage. You need to talk to PlantationRestoration Expert and let our experts locate the exact place and source of this leak. We use non-invasive advanced techniques to find the origin of the problem and fix it in a rapid manner.

How our thermal imaging process works?

Your leak may be hiding behind layers and layers of flooring or bricks, there isn’t a leak that thermal imaging cameras cannot spot! Its scientific technology pin points to the exact location of the leak, without the need to use destructive and invasive methods such as trenching your lawns or tearing down your walls. Naturally, damp spots have lower temperature which starts reflecting on the camera.

Thermal imaging: Why it’s the best?

  • Helps uncover leaks and hidden damp patches that can affect the structural integrity of your walls and floors.

  • No need to inflict serious damage in search of the leak! Thermal imaging can identify moisture in what appears to be a dry spot

  • Technicians can get accurate assessment without wasting important minutes looking for a leak in the wrong place

Other leak detection techniques include:

Visual cues:

Visual cues are the first signs of leak. Seepage is identified as per the prevalence of water flow. However, you cannot use this method accurately without using other techniques in combination with it.

The sound test:

Acoustic equipment is used by the technician to find the leak location with the help of sound of running water that gets amplified in an event of a seepage.

Camera inspections:

Snake cams or fiber optic cameras are inserted into pipes. These cameras reveal the hidden areas on a screen monitor that helps in determining the leak and its location.

Don't let the water leaks grow out of control. If you live in Plantation, FL area and are looking for an expert at leak detection, call us at 954-613-6012 today!