About PlantationRestoration Expert - Plantation, FL


PlantationRestoration Expert Plantation, FL 954-613-6012PlantationRestoration Expert has earned enviable reputation over the years. Nobody in the entire Plantation, FL area can match up to our quality and unbeatable prices. When we started working some twenty years ago, we decided to never compromise on two things – quality and response time. Complete with our team of trained technicians and advanced technologies, we soon gained prominence in the area and became a go-to remediation and restoration service provider. Today we not only service residential clients, but also provide full range of damage restoration services to our commercial clients as well. We can handle anything from leaky faucet to full blown fire/water damage. So call us at 954-613-6012 if you need quick assistance.

The past, the present, the future

Starting a new business is never easy. We began with big goals and a team of handful technicians. However, in two decades, we transformed into one of the most trusted names in the market. We are known for our 24/7 operations, affordable pricing, quality and professionalism. Despite our sheer magnitude, we continue to learn and grow. We keep adding state-of-the-art technology to our repository and recruit thorough professionals in our team. Our goal is to not only give you the best services, but do so while staying on top of our game. We strive to be nothing but the best!

Choose us for:

  • Experience:

Mitigation and restoration is no child’s play. We understand the complexity of the job and this why we keep adapting to the changing industry standards. Over the years, we gained enough experience to provide faster and trustworthy services to our clients of all shapes and sizes.

  • Training

It doesn’t matter how long we have been in the business, what matters is our continuous urge to learn. We never underestimate the importance of education. This is why PlantationRestoration Expert trains and educates its employees with best industry practices.

  • Tools:

What good is a craftsman without his tools? We don't expect our technicians to deliver quality standards if we don't equip them with proper tools. This is why we use only sophisticated equipment to carry out our remediation and restoration work.

  • Service:

For us, nothing matters more than our customers. Even if fix a leaky pipe, we would still give it our 100%, as we would give to a water damaged property. For us, no job is too big or small. Our objective is to always aim for customer satisfaction in Plantation, FL area.

  • Lowest pricing:

We don't believe in overpricing our services so that we can profit out of your misery. A fire accident in itself is a daunting experience, to give you an unreasonable bill in the end is just downright unethical! We keep our pricing low and standards high, so that you are always able to afford quality services. We also help you in your insurance claim process for smooth recovery of losses.

You can have any kind of property damage emergency on your hands, believe us, we can fix it! Just call 954-613-6012.