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PlantationRestoration Expert Plantation, FL 954-613-6012Natural disasters, manmade disasters, devastation, these are not just heavy words from the dictionary, these are harsh realities. We never think that such a thing will ever happen to us, until it does and we are left with no choice but to give in to our circumstances. Rather than feeling defeated and feeling like there’s a long way to go before you can pick up pieces of your damaged property, seek out a professional reconstruction and restoration company that can undertake the task of putting your life back together.

However, if your situation isn’t so intense and you are looking for a simple makeover then you need a remodeling service provider. But what if you need to remodel your house after a fire damage accident? PlantationRestoration Expert is your answer when you need one-stop-solution for all your restoration, remediation, remodeling and reconstruction needs. We are probably the only one in Plantation, FL area with such a wide scope of work and high quality standards. However, what truly sets us apart is our commitment to timely delivery and affordable pricing.

For the two decades that we have been in restoration business, we learnt that providing remodeling and reconstruction is not just business expansion but makes practical sense to our customers. Now they don't have to look anywhere else to meet their needs – because expert assistance is just a call away on 954-613-6012!

Our reconstruction and remodeling services include:

  • Kitchen/bathroom remodeling: We can handle your bathroom and kitchen remodeling like a pro

  • Painting: We can give you the most aesthetic and smooth paint finish on your property.

  • Reconstruction: If your home or office needs to be rebuilt after a devastating accident, then our contractors will be able to make it exactly the way you want.

  • Additions: You can also consider adding a section to your property. Our team of designers and contractors can make that happen as well.

  • Flooring: We can give your old tiles a fresh new spin and transform the way your flooring looks.

  • Renovations: Is it time for renovation your house? We have the perfect makeover solutions for you!

Quality above all:

We don't use substandard materials for our clients. Our remodeling experts go to extra lengths to ensure that you are getting exactly what you paid for. Our quality standards are exemplary in the business.

Creative geniuses:

PlantationRestoration Expert is perhaps the only company in Plantation, FL area with such wide range of services. We pick our technicians, carpenters, designers and contractors through rigorous recruitment process so that we have full control over the quality of services we provide.

Zero room for imperfection:

Our team believes in delivering 100%, perhaps this is the reason our clients trust us implicitly. We have a keen eye for detail and finish all the jobs with absolute brilliance. Our remodeling and reconstruction business pretty much runs on client referrals!

Want to give your property a new look? Call us at 954-613-6012 and discuss your requirement with us.