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PlantationRestoration Expert Plantation, FL 954-613-6012No devastation comes even second close to the one that is caused by fire. You can lose all your valuable things in the raging flames with no control over the outcome of the incident. All you can be is a hapless bystander looking at the destruction caused by this manmade disaster! As traumatic as the fire damage event can be, don't let it take you down with it. There are damage restoration companies out there with a proven record at fixing the damage. Trying to take matters into your own hands is as dangerous as it is reckless.

PlantationRestoration Expert is one of the best fire damage restoration companies in Plantation, FL area. We have been in the business long enough to know the importance of time and its significance in damage control. We provide 24-hours assistance, 7 days a week. Moreover, we have specialized vehicles that are fitted with the latest equipment that allows us to get anywhere in the area within 30-minutes after receiving your call on 954-613-6012 and start the mitigation process immediately. It is our promptness and commitment to quality that makes us indispensable for our clients.

Common types of fire you can encounter:

  • Kitchen fires

Kitchen fires are more common than you would like to admit. Leaving the food in the kitchen unattended often leads to deadly accidents. Fires caused in the kitchen are dangerous because they can spread quickly and lead to a lot of damage.

  • Electrical fires:

Electrical wiring can start a fire, especially if you are running defective appliances. Other reasons can be water in contact with breaker boxes or unsafe use of electrical outlets.

  • Furnace/ heater fires:

Heater operation in a furnace can start a devastating fire, filling the property with asphyxiating smoke. Some of us keep portable heaters that do not have automatic shutoff provision. These heaters can overheat and light a burnable item on fire.

  • Natural causes:

A forest fire gone out of control may not be a common incident, but it happens nevertheless. These fires can cause smoke to penetrate your property and can leave toxic residue behind.

Fire damage can vary in intensity that changes the treatment method applicable to them. However, PlantationRestoration Expert is experienced in handling all kinds of fire destruction and provides tailor-made remediation services to reduce the losses.

Our work process includes:

1) Accurate estimates:

We evaluate the client site for damage and offer an accurate quote to you and the insurance company for claim filing.

2) Damage cleanup:

Charred contents are collected and safely discarded

3) Soot removal:

Once the fire has been put out, soot and smoke settles inside the house and gradually devastates your property. We can clear your home of smoke, soot and all the burnt items.

4) Water damage:

Water used to put out the fire can also lead to water damage. Our experts use specialized equipment to completely remove the moisture.

5) Deodorization:

We clean the toxic odors left behind after the fire. We use sophisticated deodorizers to remove the stench and improve indoor air quality.

6) Restoration:

All the items that can be saved are repaired and some are replaced.

7) Reconstruction:

We also rebuilt sections of your property that have been fully destroyed by fire.

Fire can cause irreparable damage, for an inexperienced service provider in Plantation, FL area, not for PlantationRestoration Expert. We can handle all kinds and degrees of damage. Call us today at 954-613-6012.