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PlantationRestoration Expert Plantation, FL 954-613-6012When nature unleashes its storm, even the strongest have to bend to its will! Rain and floods seem like a distant possibility, but it is a possibility nevertheless. Cities can go under, structures can crumble, precious possessions can become victims of furious water. However, despite its magnitude, there is still a chance to recover the damage and salvage your property. This chance is given to you by PlantationRestoration Expert.

We are a tried and tested flood damage restoration service in Plantation, FL area with 20+ years of experience in restoring balance after the chaos. We provide full spectrum of remediation and restoration services to our residential and commercial clients. We understand that the longer we take to respond the more damage water will cause. This is why we guarantee you support within 30-minutes of receiving your call.

We’re flood ready. Are you?

Flood brings destruction of an all new level, the one that cannot be restored without the help of a professional. Unpreparedness is the quickest way to lose all your precious belongings to flooding. Rather than using DIY techniques to salvage your items, pick up your phone and dial 954-613-6012. We are pioneers of flood damage restoration. We have all the necessary equipment required for the job. We can get our vehicles ready within moments’ notice and reach you in measly 30-minutes, no matter where you are in Plantation, FL area.

Stay safe after a flood:

Standing water can be a real problem; the one you never thought is capable of causing so much damage. It can be due to flooding or unchecked water leaks. Regardless of what the source is, here are some tips that will help you stay safe until help arrives.

  • Electrical hazards: Check for all the power cables and electrical equipment to ensure that the power is off. In case you have doubts, stay as far away from the water as possible because it may be electrified. Before you proceed any further, check if you can safely turn off the power line.

  • Biological hazards: Any food remaining in your house that has been in contact with the flood water should be discarded immediately, unless it was stored in an airtight jar. There is a fair chance that the water may have also caused mold to form in your property.

  • Physical hazards: Stay careful and tread cautiously. There can be broken glass or uncovered electrical wires that can pose serious physical threat to you. If the water has not been dried for two or more days, then the integrity of the physical structures, such as stairs, may have been compromised.

Steps to a flood-free property:

#1) The trained experts from PlantationRestoration Expert will check and remove all the items that have been touched by flood water. Damaged items will be either repaired or removed.

#2) We use high-end water extraction equipment to dry the area and remove all traces of moisture

#3) Heat vacuum and other heating tools are used to dry the property of all the remaining water

#4) Property is thoroughly examined for contamination. It is also carefully cleaned and disinfected of mold formation and other microorganisms.

#5) All the items damaged in the incident are put through restoration process. All the items that cannot be restored are swapped.

Don't let a flood rob you of your peace of mind. Call us at 954-613-6012 if you need remediation experts in Plantation, FL area.