Plantation City


Plantation City was once a land that was ruled by alligators and wild animals. When Frederick Peters moved to South Florida seeking the sunlight and tranquility of the area, it was then that he saw the sprawling marshlands and dreamt of turning it into a beautiful city. The sawgrass had to go, and the swamps to be cleared. When he bought 10,000 acres of land in the region, he took one step closer to realizing his vision and eventually, he managed to build a dream city exactly the way he wanted it.

What it is today?

Over time, the city evolved and grew to blend modernity with its traditional scenic beauty. Over 100,000 people occupy the place now, and the culture is as diverse as ever. Although not paraded as a major tourist spot, its beauty still attracts people from all over the world. Recreational facilities are top-notch, and the residents and tourists alike simply love the sun and the lush greenery of the region. If one would like to witness a place where a quaint village essence meets urbanization, then Plantation City is the place to be.

Destruction in Plantation:

Its landscape strikes a sense of tranquility to anyone who decides to soak in its pleasant atmosphere. Plantation city has always been beautiful, but like every other city in South Florida, it too has faced a fair share of losses due to Nature’s vices. Hurricane Wilma in 2005 shook the city and threw normalcy out of reach. The destruction was so bad that many thought that the city could perhaps never rise again, but things aren’t always what they’re presumed. The city recovered well and today, it’s almost as though nothing ever happened. This wouldn’t have been possible without help from reliable restoration companies such as PlantationRestoration Expert.

Plantation’s trusted ally:

All cities go through major destruction, even the most planned ones. It’s all because of our powerlessness when it comes to dealing with nature’s destructive acts. All we can do when hurricanes or storms hit our city is wait for the strong winds to stop blowing and the rains to stop flooding the streets. Once the worst is over, the devastation left behind still remains and the community strives hard to piece the fallen pieces together again. PlantationRestoration Expert has always shown its concern towards Plantation city, and is always willing to be the first one to help when any form of disaster or water/fire damage strikes. Once you call us on 954-613-6012, you can expect us to be at your doorstep in just a few minutes to offer our help.

You can hire us for:

  • PlantationRestoration Expert Plantation, FL 954-613-6012Damage restoration
  • Property reconstruction
  • Fire/water/mold damage restoration
  • Water leak detection and repairs
  • Remodeling with custom designs
  • Debris clearance
  • Decontamination and drying out the property
  • Damage roofs, walls etc. fixture
  • Periodic maintenance
  • Disaster damage mitigation

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